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A Recipe for Friendship is a Side Quest in America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave.



Staff Sergeant Toby on the The Oil Rig has heard of a recipe for a delicious snack that he believes will help troop morale and has asked that the player recovers it for him.

Quest Name

Type:Side Quest
Quest ID:ARSQ01_TobyLoyalty
Quest Giver:Staff Sergeant Toby
  • The Oil Rig
  • Random Dungeon that meets the following criteria:
    • Has a 'boss chest'
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After completing Humanity Must Shape Their Tools, go talk to Staff Sergeant Toby who is in the Mess Hall of The Oil Rig on Level B. After introducing himself, he'll mention the recipe in question and ask for the player to retrieve it. Accepting his request will start the quest. Alternatively if you turn it down you'll be able to offer to help him later.

You'll be told to 'Recover Toby's Recipe', with a quest marker pointing at it. Follow the quest marker to the dungeon, clearing any hostiles within, and take the recipe located within the marked container. Once you have the recipe, the objective will update - bring the recipe back to Toby to complete the quest.

Quest Stages

StageDescriptionLog Entry
5Startup, Toby introduces himself in Dialogue quest
10Toby has mentioned the task, but quest still hidden
20Quest Accepted - Show objective
30Got Recipe - Return to Toby


  • Completing this quest will unlock Staff Sergeant Toby as a companion
  • Once you've returned the recipe, Toby has a chance of stocking Spinnach Puffs for sale


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