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A Rude Awakening is the first Main Quest in America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave.



The confidential Vault 111 Government Facility is running low on power, and has sent out an automated Distress Signal to all Vault-Tec personnel. The player recieves the signal on their Pip-Boy, allowing them to investigate what has happened.

A Rude Awakening

Type:Main Quest
Quest ID:ARMQ01
Quest Giver:Vault 111 Distress Signal
Location:Vault 111 Government Facility
Next Quest:Calling Home
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A Rude Awakening will begin under one of two conditions:

  1. The player reaches level 5 some time after playing
  2. The player is already past level 5 after loading the mod

As soon as either of these conditions are fulfilled, A Rude Awakening will begin, prompting the player to tune in to the Vault 111 Distress Signal. Listening to the signal reveals that there is a previously unknown area within Vault 111 - The Government Facility. It's also revealed that it is about to lose all power, which will result in the death of its inhabitants.

The entrance to the Vault will be revealed on the map, and the player will be given an objective to enter it. Entering the Vault's antechamber, you'll quickly encounter a band of raiders which have set up within. Fight your way through, taking care to use the available cover as you descend lower through the cave. You'll eventually come across the Vault Door. The control panel to open it is in the small Vault-Tec building to your left.

Once the Vault Door open sequence is complete, enter the Vault. Walk forward and enter the hallway, and immediately turn right (The left is inaccessible). Follow the hallway until you reach a 3 way intersection. Turn right and enter the room directly ahead of you marked via your objective. Within the room is a Control Terminal which will allow you to release the inhabitants currently in the Cryo Pods.

After releasing the inhabitants, exit the room and enter the room directly to your left, where you will be greeted by General Ward. After speaking to him, you will be directed to follow him and the group to the Office. Once everyone arrives in the Office, the group will speak, shocked at how much time has passed.

General Ward will then ask the player for their help. Accepting will start Calling Home. Either way, A Rude Awakening will complete.

Quest Stages

StageDescriptionLog Entry
0Listen to the radio signal.A distress signal from Vault 111 seems to have begun broadcasting. I should listen to it.
5Go to Vault 111 Government FacilityI recieved a distress signal from an area in Vault 111 I haven't heard of - the "Government Zone". Apparently there are people from before the war, people like me, still in there. I should investigate.
10Open the Cryo Pods via the Terminal.
11Push the scene forward.
19Player hasn't offered to help yet.I released all the inhabitants I could - General Russell Ward, Doctor Ellen O'Neill Kane, Corporal Fitzpatrick and Sergeant Peterson. The General asked for my help, but I turned him down. If I change my mind, I should speak to him.
20Quest complete. Start Calling HomeI released all the inhabitants I could - General Russell Ward, Doctor Ellen O'Neill Kane, Corporal Fitzpatrick and Sergeant Peterson. The General asked for my help, and I agreed - Though I don't know much about these people yet.


  • You must be level 5 or higher in order to recieve the Distress Signal.
  • The entrance to the Vault 111 Government Facility will not appear until the Distress Signal has started.
  • It is recommended to be at least level 10 to play through the mod.
  • Completing this quest will allow you to use the Elevator at the Vault Entrance to enter and leave the Vault quickly.


  1. A Rude Awakening will not start.

If for whatever reason A Rude Awakening doesn't start, you can force the Distress Signal to play by opening the console with the tilde key and typing in: startquest ARMQ01RadioController

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