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"A bit of an enigma, isn't it? An Oil Rig with no oil? How the public didn't catch on, I'll never know."

Dr. Ellen O'Neill Kane

Dr. Ellen O'Neill Kane is a Head Scientist in the Enclave, and formally of the United States Research Department who was born before the Great War. A brilliant mind born into a family with a history in the sciences, she followed in her great grandfather’s footsteps – Dr Evan O’Neill Kane – to study medical science.

Her research eventually caught the eye of the US Government, who hired her to work at West-Tek and later the Mariposa Military Base on a chemical known as the FEV – Something that would then be used by the Enclave as the basis of a toxin to eradicate all mutated life.

Though she was based in California, she was in Boston on the day the Great War began. Officials rushed her to the Government Facility of Vault 111 where she was cryogenically preserved, along with three others to help the rebuilding of society after the war. Mysteriously, however, she was never resuscitated until the player stumbled across the Vault.

She is calm, collected and analytical, and tends to develop tunnel-vision when working on a project, willing to complete it regardless of the consequences - by any means necessary.


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Editor ID:ARDrEvanOneillKaneJr
Voice Actor:MaevesChild
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  • Early in development, Dr. Ellen O'Neill Kane was a male called Dr. Evan O'Neill Kane Jr. This was changed due to voice actor reassignments. Dr. Kane's Editor ID is a leftover of this.
  • Dr. Ellen O'Neill Kane is a descendant of the real Doctor Evan O'Neill Kane, a surgeon best known for operating on himself.
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