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Grounded Bird is a Main Quest in America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave.



Linking the Radio Facility to the Vault didn't yield any answers. The group have now decided to go with Plan B. General Ward asks the player to investigate a nearby Vertibird Facility in the hopes of finding a Vertibird.


Follow the Quest Marker to the Vertibird Facility, which is located to the South-West of the Lonely Chapel. Upon entering the facility, proceed down the hallway until you enter the first room. You'll notice a sealed door to your left which you cannot interact with. Instead, continue forward into the next room and prepare for combat as the area is occupied by Gunners. Take note of the window ahead of you, as you may be able to kill some of the hostiles from the vantage point it provides.

Enter the room ahead of you, and after clearing it of Gunners, make your way down the stairs. Enter the tunnel and follow the path until you enter a cavern. Make use of the available cover as you fight the entrenched Gunners and push on, reaching the catwalk and entering the Industrial Pods ahead. You'll see the Vertibird on the platform below, and your objective will now be to clear out the remaining Gunners. Quest Markers will point to every living Gunner in the facility for your convenience.

As you finish the Gunners off, you'll want to head down the stairs and onto the Vertibird Platform. On the opposite side of the platform to you there'll be an Elevator that brings you to a viewing platform. Turn right and head down the flight of stairs and go through the door. Follow the hallway. In front of you is a small barracks, whereas if you continue to your left you will reach the door you first saw when entering the Facility. Unlock the door by using the nearby terminal. Go through the door, turn right, leave the Facility and make your way back to General Ward at the Vault to report your success.

The General will be pleased, and tell you that he and the others will travel to the Facility. He'll tell you to meet them there, completing the quest and beginning The Welcome Party.

Quest Stages

StageDescriptionLog Entry
5Player told to go to Facility.General Ward was unable to contact 'Command', and is falling back to Plan B. I have been asked to go to a Vertibird Hangar and see if the Vertibird is still there.
10Player has entered the facility, find VertibirdI've entered the Vertibird Facility. I should investigate the area and see if the Vertibird is still within.
15Vertibird found, kill all Gunners.I found the Vertibird, however the hangar is crawling with Gunners. I should clear them out before returning to the General.
20Gunners killed, return to General.I cleared the hangar. I should return to General Ward.
25Quest completed.General Ward was pleased that I found the Vertibird. Him and the others are relocating to the hangar, and I should speak to him once they get there.



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