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Calling Home is a Main Quest in America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave.


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After resuscitating the four strangers within the Vault 111 Government Facility. the player is asked by General Ward, the leader of the group, to connect the Vault to the Radio Facility

Calling Home

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Type:Main Quest
Quest ID:ARMQ02
Quest Giver:General Russell Ward
Previous Quest:A Rude Awakening
Next Quest:Grounded Bird
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After agreeing to help General Ward, the player is told that Sergeant Peterson will join them during this task. Talk to Peterson and tell him you are ready to start. Peterson will jog to his locker to retrieve his gun, and then start following you.

You must now make your way to the Radio Facility. To leave the Vault, make your way to the cave. Instead of making your way back up the tunnels, look left. The previously inactive Elevator is now functional, bringing you back to the cave entrance.

The Radio Facility is directly West of the Vault. Follow the quest marker to it, and prepare for combat as you will find a band of Raiders have entrenched within.

Once you've defeated the Raiders, enter the facility. The quest marker will point towards a Terminal. You'll want to use the terminal and select Establish link to Vault 111.

Exit the terminal. Sergeant Peterson will warn you that a Raider Counterattack is about to happen. Heal yourself and loot any equipment you need, as you will have to defend against a large number of raiders. Tip: The terminal you just used will allow you to enable a Facility Defense measure at a time. You can:

  1. Enable Turrets.
  2. Close the Window Shutters.
  3. Close the Door.

You can enable each option at will, but keep in mind it will disable the other two.

After you've fended off the Raiders, make your way back to General Ward in the Vault. Speaking to him, he will reveal that even though the Facility was successfully linked to the Vault, he recieved no responses from Command. A silver lining to this, though, is that he discovered the location of a nearby Vertibird Facility with a supposed Vertibird within, and asks the player if they can go to the Facility to confirm if that's true, starting Grounded Bird and completing Calling Home.

Quest Stages

StageDescriptionLog Entry
0Peterson says he's ready.I need to go to a nearby Radio Facility and link it up with the Vault, so that the General can make contact with 'Command'. I should speak to Sergeant Peterson when I'm ready to go.
2Player told Peterson they're ready.
5Peterson follows player.I need to go to a nearby Radio Facility and link it up with the Vault, so that the General can make contact with 'Command'.
10Raider counter-attack start.Raiders seem to be preparing a counter-attack at the Radio Facility. I need to defend it at all costs.
20Raider counter-attack end.I thwarted the Raider attack. I should make my way back to General Ward as soon as I can.
25Quest complete.I linked the Radio Facility to the Vault, however General Ward was unable to contact 'Command'. He's now asked me to investigate a Vertibird Facility in the area, in the hopes that they can use that to get to 'Command'.


  • There is a terminal in the Radio Facility that allows the player to enable a single defensive measure at a time.
  • Sergeant Peterson is a temporary companion during this quest.


  1. The quest doesn't progress after fending off the Raider Counterattack.

If for some reason the quest doesn't register that you have fended off the Counterattack, open the console with the tilde key and typing in: setstage ARMQ02 20.