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"We are the Enclave. The last bastion of our beloved America - And from what I have seen here today, we have a lot of work to do."

General Russell Ward

General Russell Ward is a General in the Enclave, born before the Great War. Having served in the US Army for 15 years, he was about to be transferred to the Gobi Military Campaign during the Resource Wars.

Due to his exceptional skill, he was shortlisted as one of a few key members to be cryogenically preserved in the confidential government facility of Vault 111 in the event of a Nuclear War, who would then work to restore order with other members of the Enclave.

Him and the others were never “thawed” out due to the mysterious disappearance of all Vault-Tec personnel, and the player finally wakes them multiple decades late.

He is reserved and stern, refusing to share personal details with others but willing to give praise when he feels it is deserved. He is also not above intimidating others to get the work done, and is a firm believer that the Ends justify the Means.


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Editor ID:ARGeneralRussellWard
Voice Actor:AliMackScott
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After being released from the Cryo Pods during A Rude Awakening, General Ward will be in his office within Vault 111 using his terminal up until Grounded Bird is completed, at which point he will travel to the Vertibird Facility and wait in the atrium.

After traveling to The Oil Rig during The Welcome Party he will become a temporary player companion until they reach the War Room, at which point he will wait there until the player returns from the Underground Facility. Upon the player's return he will escort them to the Oil Rig's Comms Room.

During Humanity Must Shape Their Tools he will linger around The Oil Rig's landing pads until the player completes it, at which point the Oil Rig will be operational and his normal daily schedule will begin.

He wakes up at 7am and immediately heads for his office on Level A, where he'll work for two hours. At 9am he'll head down to the Mess Hall and have breakfast for one hour before doing his daily rounds.

At 10am he'll head outside and inspect the troops until 1pm, at which point he will tour the Labs for an hour and then return to his office at 2pm for a two hour break. At 4pm he will head to the War Room and remain there until 7pm at which point he will once more head to the Mess Hall for a two-hour dinner.

After finishing up in the Mess Hall, he'll go back to his office at 9pm for another hour before doing one final trip to the War Room at 10, and at 11 finally retire to his room.

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Enclave General's Uniform

Enclave General's Hat

Plasma Pistol



  • The General was originally voiced by Josef Boon up until version 1.1.2, at which point scheduling issues resulted in the role being re-cast to AliMackScot